First working day at home, with closed schools for us in Hamburg, Germany. Kids at home, trying to work. A test for me, and I’m surely not the only one feeling this way. The next weeks pose a challenge to many families and to many singles, and we will all learn from this.

How many of us are starting to wonder how we will cope with the situation, how to keep cool. How many of us feel Uncertain? How many of us are directly affected by the Coronavirus? How many are confronted with fear, and start behaving in irrational ways? One is for sure – Covid-19 has activated many emotions, but how many of us have learned to UNDERSTAND emotions and to COPE with them? Emotional literacy was not taught to me in school. Was it to you?

Here a reading suggestion, for those who want to learn more about human emotions and increase their emotional literacy. Did you know that certain emotions are only known to certain cultures and others are universal? An interesting book from Tiffany Watt Smith: The book of Human Emotions.