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Your Mind. Your Breakthrough.

I take no credit for my clients’ breakthroughs. It is they who do the work and achieve the results. I am, however, grateful for my intuition, which I trust unquestionably. It guides me in understanding my clients’ challenges. Coaching only works if there is the full commitment from both sides, combined with the right chemistry between coach and client. There is no recipe for this; either it works or it doesn’t. All the people I worked with have been a great inspiration to me and the coaching relationship that we created in the process is something truly remarkable.

Before the coaching with Stefano I felt lost, I was looking for a purpose that would give value to my life and had the great fear that I would never identify it. I tried to understand on my own what my purpose could be by reading books, undertaking the study of a new language and watching several videos about it e.g. TED Talks. There was a moment just before committing to the coaching where I had doubt and felt insecure. I feared to disappoint myself, not being able to identify my purpose in life. Coaching made me understand myself better, I understood that my purpose is not a fixed point to reach but a path along a lifetime and that does not depend on what others expect of me but rather on what I first I want. I have learned and am still learning to let go rather than trying to keep control over my surroundings. The most significant difference is the awareness of my value as a person and the knowledge of tools that help me even after coaching to continue my path.

Stefano is a very competent coach who immediately gained my complete trust. It has been certainly a very important experience for me both professionally and personally, it gave me a new perspective on life and how to live it.

– Eva V., Project Manager

I see you as a calm, pragmatic and intelligent guy whose natural flair and qualities as a coach and leader are coupled with a sincere respect for humanity. Your humility, kindness, and thoughtfulness enhance your natural authority. You have a real vision and force, you are bold and creative, respectful to your environment, people, and circumstances. Your passion , rigour and patience empower your and your natural artistic flair. Your capacity for observation and analysis are exemplary. You work with tremendous skill, depth, and insight which all highlight your authenticity as an exceptionally talented professional.

– Clive Thomas, Master Hypnotherapy Trainer

During the four months of coaching with Stefano, I was able to better identify personal and professional goals and priorities. Through the techniques thought by him I was furthermore able to make significant moves towards these goals, step by step and week by week. Stefano adapted the content and methodology based on what worked effectively with me. It has been a pleaure to be coached by Stefano and I can recommend him to anyone who is looking for professional coaching.

– Lars Bognar, Google Germany

I have met Stefano in October 2018 during a course we both attended. There I have had the chance of having him as coach and as a hypnotist. It was a truly unique experience. Stefano is a very caring and attentive person, yet he remains descrete without being distant. I have met quite a few consultants during the last 10 years, but I can sincerely say that Stefano is the person I felt most at ease with and with whom I obtained true results.So good was my experience with Stefano that I recommended him to my daughter, knowing that he has the tact, sensitivity, caring as well as the skills to really help. I am greateful to him for what he did for me and I wish him every success and happyness in life.

– Claudia von Fellenberg, Switzerland

Stefano has really helped me improve my performance and realize more of my potential. I’ve been working with Stefano for about six months now and am more than satisfied with the results. Among other things, he helped me to Identify and gain clarity on my personal and professional goals, to make significant progress towards them, to Learn better ways to deal with stress and anxiety, to break up thought patterns that were holding me back. I can recommend him to anyone looking to achieve any of those points. It’s been a great journey and I look forward to continuing it.

– Bryan Simis, Google Germany

Stefano coached me for almost a year and this is the year that I really grew both personally and professionally. From the very beginning, he put me at ease, defining an safe, open space for me to be able to talk and share freely without fear of judgement. Throughout our coaching relationship, he employed various tools and techniques to help me unlock my potential, from classic coaching techniques to NLP and hypnosis.

I really loved the variety of approaches he used depending on the topic we were working on and it was fun being able to try out things I wouldn’t have considered before! During the time Stefano was coaching me, I substantially grew my confidence in the workplace, overcame phobias, dealt with issues I’d been carrying around for many years and most importantly, learned to value myself and define a path forward into the future. I couldn’t recommend Stefano highly enough to anyone who is considering hiring a coach. He’s approachable, flexible, patient and encouraging.

– Victoria Chardon, Google Germany

Stefano has an incredible intuition and skill as a coach to support and guide you towards your desired outcomes. His caring nature and compassion helps you feel at total ease during the coaching sessions. He connects with your heart and mind with great coherence of his own, coaching with passion and depth. He also has a fantastic sense of humor! I highly recommend Stefano!

– Tony Middleton, Life Coach, United Kingdom

The first thing I noticed about you, Stefano is your precision: You wanted to get to the heart of the meaning of a question or exercise or indeed a person. Second thing I noticed is your persistence when it comes to learning. Even if something did not make total sense to you initially, you would keep trying and keep working to understand until you were able to make it work or bring it to life. Third is your energy: I find you to be very engaging and the energy that you apply to your work is infectious, and has been inspiring to me.

– Tom Quayle, Co-Founder at Showing Up

Stefano you are kind and compassionate, someone who genuinely wants to make the world a better place. For me it’s your strength of character that I will always remember, not afraid to challenge or seek to gain a greater meaning of the little things that make an enormous difference.

– Anthony Jackson, Royal Air Force, United Kingdom

Before starting the journey to explore myself with you, I wasn’t sure what holds me back and why I am not feeling happy. My biggest fear wasn’t to be good enough and not knowing where I could be in the future. I wasn’t confident and didn’t realize what my strength are. I had everything what other would consider to have everything to be happy, but I felt kind of lost and working so much to find at least there my purpose. Beside work I couldn’t tell what I am passionate about or what I would like to explore further. My body gave me signs that my way of life isn’t healthy and that I need to step back to see what I really want.

I tried to read blogs, books and watch documentaries which might help me to find my happiness/purpose of life. I participated in seminars where I learnt some tools which helped me to make some decisions. That helped me to solve small doubts or to make a decision for the next step, but not really let me explore what I really need and what would help me to realize the ingredients of my personal happiness and my vision what person I want to be.

I was in a situation during lock down that I realized the whole work style and not knowing what I should do with me other than working was the key commitment to myself: I need an outside perspective. When I searched for coaching and we met the first time, there was the moment where I realized yep that’s the right person to open up to and trust.

It is really unbelievable how much I changed during lockdown and the biggest impact was the coaching. Now I know who I am and what my beliefs are. That I am enough and can be proud of me without any doubts. Find ways to understand that neither I am responsible for the happiness of others nor they are responsible for mine. I am the only one who can make me happy! Being proud to show my vulnerable side and share thoughts/vision openly with others without the fear that they could hurt me. Finding techniques to question status / beliefs / doubts (Inner team, different egos, guided meditations, values, circle of power, inner conflict). Who I am today? I am self-confident woman who shares openly her opinion and know what I need to be happy and energized. I love to be around people, need creativity and drive for integrity & harmony. I am enjoying every moment and that I don’t need to have a detailed plan for the next step. I can trust my instinct and others.

Thank you so much Stefano with challenging me when I tried to hide or had fears to really open up. You saw from day one what my strength are and who I am. I couldn’t see it and you gave me the opportunity to see myself from different perspectives! I am very happy that I found you and really appreciate your style of coaching!

– Sarah, Germany

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“The power of nature exists in its silence. Human words cannot encode the meaning because human language has access only to the shadow of meaning.”

– Malidoma Patrice Somé

Performance Coaching, Life Coaching, Business Coaching, Leadership Coaching für Frauen, Executive Coaching, Referenzen, Testimonials, Klientenstimmen, Training, Contact, resilience
Training, Performance Coaching, Life Coaching, Business Coaching, Leadership Coaching für Frauen, Executive Coaching, Referenzen, Testimonials, Klientenstimmen
Performance Coaching, Life Coaching, Business Coaching, Leadership Coaching für Frauen, Executive Coaching, resilience
Performance Coaching, Life Coaching, Business Coaching, Leadership Coaching für Frauen, Executive Coaching
Training, Performance Coaching, Life Coaching, Business Coaching, Leadership Coaching für Frauen, Executive Coaching, Referenzen, Testimonials, Klientenstimmen, Work-Life-Balance optimieren