I was very moved by the idea behind this video so I decided to provide the English translation to the Italian text. Below you will find the translation in English.

Io sono Covid 19 (I am Covid 19) – Anonymous from Italy

During the last few days, I’ve reflected a lot, and I’ve tried to give a meaning to all that is happening. Because this absurd situation in which we find ourselves forced into must have some kind of damn meaning. I imagined how it would be if the virus was able to talk. I imagined what it would say to us if it was capable to write a letter to humanity. These are the words I was able to put down on paper…

Ciao, I am Covid 19. Many of you know me under the simple name Coronavirus. Yes, exactly. It is really me. I apologize for coming into your lives without warning. I apologize for not warning you about where, or in which form or intensity I would present myself to you.

Why am I here? Let’s say it like this:
I was tired to see you regressing, instead of progressing.
I was tired to watch you ruin yourselves by your own hand.
I was tired to watch how you treat your planet the way you do.
I was tired to see how you treat each other.
I was tired of your abuses and your violence, your wars, your personal conflicts, and your prejudices.
I was tired of your social envy, of your greed, your hypocrisy and your selfishness.
I was tired to see how little time you invest for yourself and for your families.
I was tired to see how often you give your children very little attention, I was tired of your shallowness.
I was tired to see how often you give important to superficial things, instead of focusing on what really matters.
I was tired of your obsessive and continuous search for the most beautiful dress, for the last smartphone model, for the most beautiful car, only to appear full of prestige. I was tired of your betrayals, I was tired of your misinformation, of the little time you invest for communicating with each other. I was very, very tired of your constant complaints, while you don’t do anything for improving your own lives.

I know, I’ll be hard on you, maybe too much. But I don’t look at anyone. I’m a virus. The message I want to deliver is simple: I wanted to highlight all the limits of the society in which you live so that you can eliminate them.

I wanted you to come to a total stop, to have you understand once for all, that the only thing you must focus all your attention and energy on is simply Life. Your Life and the life of your children, and focus on everything which is truly necessary to protect life. Your life, the life of your children. Protect it, nurture it and share it. I wanted you confined in your homes, alone, away from your parents, away from your grandparents, away from your children or nephews only for you to understand how important an embrace can be, how important the human contact, the dialogue, a handshake, an evening with friends, a walk to the city centre, a dinner at the restaurant or a fresh run in the park can be. Everything needs to start from these little things. You are all equals. YOU… are all equals. Make no distinction between you, I am just a visitor passing by. The feelings of closeness and cooperation I was able to create between you in the shortest time, will have to last forever. Live your lives in the humblest way possible. Walk slowly, breathe deeply. Do good. Enjoy nature. Do things you like and make you feel fulfilled. Create the conditions, so that you are not depending on anything. The moment you will celebrate; I will be just gone. And remember: don’t to be a better person, just in my presence.